Use the installer from the download section. When first launched, the Windows firewall will probably ask you if you want to unblock "pybook.exe". Answer "Unblock". Notice the books icon in the systray; a right-click on it will present you a menu.

In order to synchronize with the iPhone application, you'll have to install Bonjour for Windows, and restart pybook.

Mac OS X

Use the disk image from the download section; after mounting it, just drop the application to your Application folder and double-click it to start it. The only available user interface is through the application's icon in the Dock; control-click (or right-click) it to see available options.


There is no "frozen" package for Linux, you'll have to run it from source. The dependencies are the following:

After installing the dependencies (your distribution probably already include them, check with your package manager), just run from a terminal.

In order to synchronize with the iPhone application , you'll need to have the Avahi daemon installed and running, and depending on your distribution, its libdnscompat compatibility packet.

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